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Our Organization, Putting Scientific Data into Life in Business Discipline; He has been continuing his Frelance Service Provision, which he started 17 years ago, at the Center in Çekmeköy for the last 10 years. Since the establishment, it has been working with an administrative structure that puts Continuous Customer Satisfaction at the Center.

This structure is progressing on the way of branching day by day with the addition of WEB TASARIM, Social Media Experts and AdWords Experts. Our company, which was founded by 2 people, continues to work at full speed on the way to become a big family with nearly 30 employees and a happy customer profile at the end of its 15th year.

With Our Corporate Structure, Our Corporation Always Considering Its Customers, Listens To The Demands On The Place. Our expert staff comes to your feet for all kinds of advertisement work that you will request for your company or organization. By listening to your requests on the spot, it enables you to reach your audience in a short time with the most up-to-date data. If You Request, Let Us Offer You The Solution.

our vision

To collect the analyzes in the light of scientific data and to make point-by-point corporate advertising and promotion by our R&D unit. It is among our goals to make sectoral-based in-depth promotion and to fulfill our promise of doubling the customer potential of each of our guests at least five times in a short time with a user-friendly interface by preparing web designs.

With the up-to-date advertising understanding prepared by the center of our company, we enable you to appear in any environment despite the audience you are addressing. We avoid unnecessary advertising costs and prevent your financial losses.

Our Mission

Our personnel work at all hours of the day to achieve our goals that we have enumerated in our vision. Our staff working in 3 shifts constantly maintain your advertisements, promotions and corporate websites. The success of reaching the user base for your company is achieved with 99 percent.

In the making of your corporate web designs, your site is made with special themes and add-ons specially prepared for you. Prepared by coding experts, graphic designers and computer programmers, your site will ensure you to be in the first place on Google with its unique structure, while reflecting every detail about your service or products on your site in the most transparent way.

In order to be among our more than ten thousand happy guests, it will be enough to reach our friendly staff by phone. Our R&D department will do the rest for you.


As Alya Bilişim, we aim to serve our valued customers with the best quality software, the highest quality support and solutions without any interruption!


All our software is written with PHP PDO source code, besides, we provide confidence with our team as a company that has been providing uninterrupted service since 2004!


We have been maintaining the title of the company that has been in our sector, providing the closest support to you in any of your projects, even in the problems that occur in all software!


We aim to deliver to you as soon as possible by working without giving up until the job you give us is always our only job concludes with this understanding! In this way, as the fastest service company, we do not give this satisfaction to anyone!